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Jadus Universal Guards

We thought it was fair to dedicate a blog post to our awesome universal motorcycle mudguards/fenders. Why? To illustrate the diverse usage possibilities with them that people sometimes oversee. For the price, quality, looks and application possibilities, you cannot get better value for your money - there is nothing else on the market like them.

What is the secret? We can answer that in several parts...

1. To achieve our own shape and design that eliminates ribs and rolls on the edges of the guard (which are used for increasing rigidity and stiffness to an otherwise flimsy thin sheet metal part), we invested in our own press tooling - one tool that trims out the guards, then another tool that forms them into shape. This allowed us to specify a thicker gauge aluminium (because our tooling is made for this) which adds integral strength and rigidity - without the need for extra strengthening features.

Aluminium motorcycle guard

Jadus Aluminium Universal Motorcycle Guard.

2. To make the guard as universal as possible, we settled on a 120mm width - which covers the most common choice widths for cafe racer, street tracker, bratstyle and scrambler tyres. If a more narrow tyre is used up front, the guard can simply be trimmed longitudinally to suit. We also settled on a diameter that suits as many wheel rim/tyre diameters as possible. The diagram below illustrates what the guard looks like (as a front guard) above different diameter tyres. You see that it matches perfectly for the common 110/90-18 classic tyres, then starts to diverge in its arch when on other sized tyres, but still maintaining a great appearance.

Fender dimensions.

Wheel and tyre size fitments.

3. The guard can also be used in the rear. There are many cases when customising a bike a trimmed down rear guard is desired. Existing examples of this from both home garage builders and custom build shops can be seen all over the web - see some examples below. The Jadus universal guard is perfect in these applications as it can be trimmed and mounted in many different ways - the only limitation is the builders imagination and fabrication skills.

Jadus XS750 with custom trimmed rear guard.

Auto Fabrica SR250 with trimmed rear guard - in brushed aluminium.

Auto Fabrica SR250 with trimmed rear guard - painted black.

And for a really unique take on a rear guard, check out what North Motor Company did with one of our guards:

Jadus universal fender mounted on a North Motor Company custom SR250.

4. We decided to offer the guard in two states of finish; one, mirror polished - which suits bikes with a high finish on other body parts and can perhaps even match other aluminium details on the bike, and two, an unpolished finish. We decided to offer an unpolished version so people could decide to either paint the guard in their desired colour - to match other body work on the bike, or even to create more of a rustic patina like finish - a brushed finish being an example of these (see below).

Jadus universal aluminium guard with brushed effect.

Just take a look at some of the awesome motorbikes below that have these gaurds installed - big thanks to Unikat Motor Works in Poland and Reverb Motorcycles in the UK.

Our guards installed on some cool bikes!

We welcome input and feedback and if you think we should develop some universal brackets or any other suitable product in relation to the guards, we would love to hear from you. Also, if you have mounted a Jadus Universal Guard to one of your projects, feel free to share some shots of your bike with us! We ship globally and have custom made boxes to suit the guards size - so you know they’ll get to you in mint condition. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us.

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