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New Chapter for Jadus

As mentioned on our webshop page, we are moving into a new chapter - one where we will try to optimise what we are best at… parts development!

Before we go on and tell the whole story, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers all over the globe for the past 6 years of support and for making this dream possible. We have been continually inspired by so many of you and your builds and it has really kept the passion alive for us. We will continue to support you in return with knowledge, information and new parts. And to all our future customers, keep it up! A custom motorcycle project is extremely rewarding and the sense of pride upon completion is impossible to match, as is the feeling of riding something you have worked on with your own two hands.

Back to our new chapter… We will no longer be selling SR250 parts through our webshop. We have partnered with a long time business friend and reseller of ours, Juan at Modeliko Cafe Racers in Spain. We have worked with Juan for over 5 years and it has been a great business partnership with him serving much of our Spanish market. Friends and customers in Spain can also attest to the excellent service they have received from him. So from now on, he and his store will now be exclusive resellers of Jadus SR250 parts.

We see this as a win-win for us and our customers - now we will have more time to spend on developing cool new custom parts, and you, the customer will have access to a huge selection of parts through Modeliko. We see a one stop shop for the SR250 - where one can pick up many custom parts for your SR250 project, including styling parts, performance parts and also many wear and maintenance items as well - think gaskets, filters, sprockets etc and even electrical items such as gauges, brake lights, blinkers, switches etc, you name it, Modeliko has got you covered. Just check out how the store is organised - you can browse by brand, by part category and even by motorcycle model!

Modeliko will be able to serve the SR250 fan base much better than we can at this time and will be able to offer better shipping options and service. We will continue offering information and support to our customers through all of our info channels - email, facebook, instagram, and youtube - where we will hopefully have time to add more installation and guide videos in the near future. We see this as a positive step and we certainly hope you, our customers do too!

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