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Jadus is a Swedish company founded in 2015 specialising in aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories. We wish to provide customers with a range of parts that are specifically designed for each individual motorcycle model. We are starting out with a selection of parts for the Yamaha SR250, but wish to expand to many more models in the near future.


We design all parts ourselves and work through the entire design process from sketching to 3D models, to prototypes and testing through to final technical drawings and procurement. We collaborate with trusted suppliers and use high quality materials with tight quality control standards. At Jadus we love design and engineering, but above all, we love to build and ride custom motorcycles!





SR250 handle bars - riser clipons


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their support and engagement.  Please continue building awesome bikes and getting in touch with us!


Below are clipped extracts from feedback emails from customers:

''Very satisfied with Jadus.  The carb parts were beautifully machined and even the packaging was first rate.  Most importantly, they not only worked as advertised but proved to me that your research regarding various combinations of jets and needles with different intake configurations is spot on and pissing around with attempts to improve on them is futile.  

Next I'll be ordering the Cafe seat mod kit.''

- Chris, USA

''G'day Jake,

As an owner and enthusiast of the SR250 the Jadus experience is next to none. To have access to the workmanship and innovation that has been put into the custom parts as well as the knowledge on the YouTube tutorials has been so valuable. I bought an SR250 with no knowledge of what Jadus was offering and am so glad I came across the site. I recently bought 2x tank levelling and seat kits for my bike and my mates and they arrived to Melbourne Australia within a week, frankly I couldn't believe it. 

Thank you!''

- Will, Australia

''Hello, Jake.

Finally managed to have the products fitted.

I am a very happy bloke.

The SR is more agile, more snappy, throttle happy.

It s quite a different motorcycle.

I grant you that Jadus has top notch products.

I will promote you and, for sure, I will order again.''

- Octavian, Romania

''Hello and thanks for asking for my feedback.

I own 2 1980 Yamaha SR250s just to provide some context.  I'm 51 years old and I've probably had about 10 different motorcycles in my life from about 12 years old till now, riding dirt, street, commuting and the occasional track day.  Part of my attraction to the SR is their affordability and rideability.  They are fun bikes but I wish they looked a little sexier...that's where you guys come in. 


I love everything about Jadus.  First of all, I've watched most of your videos and I love the attention to detail.  I'm not necessarily the most mechanically inclined person but I'm willing to learn and I very much appreciate the level of detail that Jake goes into.  His background in engineering resonates throughout.  I like the balance of form and function in your parts offering.  Some parts are for performance and some are just to improve the tank angle, etc.  I'm sure that focusing on one bike limits your market but your dedication is obvious in how you do what you do and, in my mind, it adds credibility.  

The shipping was great and the customer service was great too.  

I wish you all the success in the world and I'll be ordering from you again in the future. 

Take care''

- Peter, USA

''Hi Jake.
Super happy with the seat and the tank lowering kit, Done for this year, might go for finish and Power next winter.
I have got some good tips from your site that i really appreciated  
Take care and enjoy your summer.


- Rickard, Sweden



''Hello dear Jadus team.
Your products are great and shopping was easy. Hopefully it will be spring soon so that I can really test everything.
Thank you and greetings.''

- Micha, Germany



+46 (0) 763362625



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