Got a custom SR250 with some Jadus parts installed? Want to share your project with others?  Send us some pictures and details and we'll put them up here!

We'll start...  Here is the Jadus founder on his first SR250 custom.  At the time this photo was taken, there were no aftermarket SR250 parts on the market available for purchase, let alone specialised SR250 parts.  Jadus was just a twinkle in Jakes eye and wouldn't be started for another six years!

Below you will find a mix of 'inspiration' where you will see photos of customers bikes, and 'features' where we will go into more detail on some builds.  Thanks for checking us out and most of all, thanks to our awesome customers for their support and for building cool bikes!


In Harley's words:


It was never my intention to go overboard when I bought an SR250, just tidy it up a bit and use it as a day to day runabout was the plan.


Then I ran across the Jadus site while looking for inspiration and a whole new plan emerged. After seeing what other people had done with SRs, I decided to head down a different route and turn mine into something that looked like it could have rolled off a Yamaha production line in the late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s – if you squinted a bit.


So, after a huge amount of help and encouragement from Jake at Jadus, this is what I ended up with. It does look stock but it’s actually made up of the following bits and pieces:


Yamaha 535 Virago front end (which bolted straight in) – chromed mudguard, forks shortened 30mm, speedo drive blanked off, top yoke reworked to lose the stock "wings", satin black paint

Triumph T140 headlight, aftermarket brackets

Aftermarket clock, idiot lights and indicators

RD 250 bars (I think)

SR 250 controls (shortened throttle and clutch cables)

Stock tank – lowered with a Jadus kit

Jadus valve covers

Aftermarket oil filter cover

Jadus side panels 

Jadus seat and rear frame loop

LC 250 tank and side panel badges

Lamborghini “Ocra” paint 

Reprofiled chainguard

Aftermarket silencer/ stock downpipe

Hagon shocks - 30mm over stock

Delugged frame, side stand extended 25 mm to avoid unsightly droop when parked

Aftermarket rear light


What you can’t see is the Jadus intake kit which, together with a 120 Main jet, 50 Pilot jet, stock downpipe and a silencer that's probably as restrictive as the stock item, has created a whole different feel to the bike from about 5,500 to 7,000 rpm and, at 6,500 rpm, there’s a genuine 15% power hike (from 14 bhp to 16 bhp) which just makes it so much easier to ride. With a 17/43 sprocket set up I now can hold gears rather than jump up and down the box to keep a constant speed up hills. I'm still playing with the needle position but the stock setting seems to work best for slow speeds around town. 


My dyno guru reckoned that with a less restrictive downpipe and/or silencer, a 115 Main jet would work well and see the mid-range power increase carry on to the red line.


All of which makes me wonder why Yamaha didn’t build something along these lines?


Here is a collection of customers bikes from across the globe.  Some of them have been built by professional bike builders - in which case there is a link to their websites, but most of them were built in peoples homes and garages with their own two hands.  That is, after all, the entire purpose of Jadus - to provide parts to home builders to make certain aspects of the build easier.

If your bike is not featured here and you would like it to be, get in touch and we will add it!  If your bike is featured here and you don't want it to be, also get in touch and we will take it down for you.

If you are browsing through these bikes and have any questions about the build, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions!

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