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Big ideas, too little time.  Sadly, we have come to the realisation that for the time being, our development of parts for the XV535 will have to be put on hold until further notice.  So, with that said, we have just this one fantastic product for sale for this wonderful bike.  See below for a small glimpse into the development of our performance intake kit and head on over to our resellers to get yours.


Below are clipped extracts from customer feedback emails about this kit:

''The online purchase process of the Virago 535 Power Kit was good. The process is simple and very straightforward. The shipment was right and the handwritten note with the kit was a very nice detail and added a special touch to the sale.

The installation of the kit was easy following the explanatory video. Special mention to the trick to rotate the air filter adaptor to make it fit the hole and the advice to lean the bike in the opposite direction before opening the carbs.

The bike feels snappier and the torque feels more constant among the rpm range. I feel really happy with the power kit. Let's see how it ages, but at the moment it is a good improvement. Please, keep the hard work. I am looking forward for more parts for the Virago 535.''
- Jano, Spain

''Hi, I assembled your kit and now the bike is a missile. I'm really happy, thank you very much.''
- Gaetano, Italy

''Hello there!

For the last 2 years my 535 virago has had a lot of issues, I replaced a lot of parts and had a lot of rewiring done and with it starting to get me down a bit, persistence paid off in the end. I bought a set of drag pipes which the bike didn't seem to like, so I looked at the manual on how to sort this problem out but no such luck until I discovered Jadus on YouTube. I installed the parts and it now runs brilliantly!! I was so impressed with the quality of the parts and the way the instructions for the installation process was done on YouTube was outstanding! So a massive thank you to all of the Jadus team for your professionalism and effort in making the vision I had for this bike come true.''

- Andy, UK

''I watched the YouTube video like two times before installing and it was really easy to do. 
The buying and delivery was fine, as easy as any online store.
All in all 10/10 nice company you made mate.''

- Simon M, Sweden 

''Hi! I installed your air filter kit for the XV535. It does indeed pull a lot better! And it sounds even better! I'm loving it.''
- Simon H, Sweden

''I have jour product and it is the best. I want to thank you on fast delivery and product is like you said in the video . I recommended everyone. Special surprise was hand written  advice. That shows that you  care about your  customers satisfaction. 

Thanks and greetings.''

- Rab ,Croatia


''Installed the kit today - thank you guys, simple to fit, quality parts and the jets you sent were spot on! Much better throttle response and noticeable increase in torque. Great product, and can't wait to see your line in 535 body mods! keep up the great work.''

- Ian, UK


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