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After many hours of development, prototyping and testing, we can finally offer this awesome performance intake air filter kit for the Yamaha XV535 Virago.  This is our first endeavor into the world of the XV so we thought we'd enter with a banger!  Check out one of our test videos here!


The kit replaces the stock intake setups and air filter with a specially developed, snap in bellmouth, a high flow performance air filter (made to our specification by Ram Air Filters in the UK) and a selection of genuine Mikuni main jets for the carbs - to match fuel delivery to the newly increased air flow and whichever exhaust set up you may have installed.

The kit is basic to install and an installation video is up on youtube to guide you through the process.  Working on carbs can be tricky, but if you get yourself the right tools, follow the steps in the video and take your time, you will breeze through it.  

On our test bike, power increased by a little over 10% across most of the rpm range, with a 5hp increase at 4-5000rpm and a 4hp increase at 6000rpm to the top.  These results would likely be reflected in your testing as well - most certainly as a percentage increase over stock - which is absolutely felt in the seat!  The power is delivered nicely and allows the bike to pull harder out of corners and to overtake with ease on the highway.  The kit also weighs 0.5kg less than the stock XV535 intake set up - so the kit saves weight as well!

We conducted over 16 hours of dyno testing ourselves and collaborated with several individuals across the globe, including Joseph Parry and Rich at RK Performance Parts in the UK to conduct further testing and verify the performance of the kit as a third party - where they managed to show the exact same gains!  As did all of our testers!  As of May 2023 we have now sold over 100 kits with a 100% satisfaction rate, which we are immensely proud of and thankful to our customers for their support.

If you have any questions about the parts or the kit, just shoot us an email to our info mail address. Cheers!


** 145.00 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT



We recently reduced our shipping prices because we could no longer bear charging the eye-watering prices from the courier companies. So now, instead of your package arriving within a week, it may take up to two weeks because we are using the postal service instead. Packages are still tracked and we feel this is an ok compromise, and hope you do too! 

Yamaha XV535 Virago Performance Intake Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
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