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This air/fuel screw is developed to make idle and off-idle fuelling adjustments easy.  Adjustments can be made by hand, on the bike, on the fly - to adjust for seasonal air density changes and temperature changes throughout the year.  Make your bike run like a dream the whole year round with simple finger adjustments!


The design is a direct replacement for both the Yamaha SR250 and the Yamaha XV535 stock screws.  There is a very slight difference between the screws, so a very small compromise has been made to be able to work with both models.  They work just like stock but may be around half a turn to a full turn more or less different from stock. But because they are so easy to adjust, this is no issue at all!


The screws are machined from solid brass to precision, with tolerances held to within +/-0.05mm.  The heads are polished for a slick look and the four cut out details make dialing in and counting turns a breeze.


The fuel screws are available in a kit with spring, washer and oring, or simply the screw itself - for those who already have the other components in good condition.


SR250 Screw only

** 17.50 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

SR250 Screw kit

** 22.50 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

XV535 Air Fuel Screw (s) only

** 35.00 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

XV535 Screw kits

** 45.00 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

Yamaha SR250/XV535 Air/Fuel Screw