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This tank leveling kit allows you to achieve a more harmonious 'line' with your custom build.  It levels the tank from the original 'chopper style' slant to a flat position that is inline with the frame rails.  The CNC machined components are made from 6061 grade aluminium.

The kit includes two forward tank mounts, two spacers for mounting the CDI (to clear the mount bolt heads), a plate for raising the rear tank mount, a foam strip to protect the tank rubbing on the frame, all necessary hardware plus two template stickers for easy installation.  The existing tank mounts will need to be removed from the frame and two 6.5mm holes need to be drilled to mount this kit. 

The stock rubber vibration absorption pads should be retained and used with this kit (it is very important the tank is well isolated from the frame).


Yamaha SR 250 Tank Leveling Kit

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