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Does your SR250 clutch slip?  It could be worn clutch plates or a poorly adjusted clutch in general, but it could also be that you have poor clutch plate pressure.  So to avoid this and get rid of clutch slip once and for all, install a set of aftermarket clutch springs with our specially dimensioned clutch spring spacers.


This clutch spring set is 15-20% stronger than stock - you can see this in the second image.  Then, combined with the special stainless steel spacers, you will be able to increase clutch plate pressure by roughly 25% total.  


We were forced to develop this kit to deal with the extra power provided from our power performance kit.  Both SR250’s we tested on dynos with our performance kit made the clutch slip and even replacing the plates didn’t help.  But these springs and spacers got rid of that slip all together!



SR250 Stronger Clutch Spring Kit

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