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Through research and testing, we found the SR's peak ignition advance to be a little conservative.  So we developed a special advance bracket kit to raise the ignition curve a few degrees.  The kit includes two CNC machined billet aluminium brackets plus neccessary mounting hardware.

The extra advance helps raise cylinder pressure at the correct time in the combustion process and translates to a cleaner more efficient burn and more power - giving higher milage and crisper throttle response.

What we found was that the kit only had an affect on engines with less than 130psi of cylinder compression. This is logical because engines with reduced compression tend to benefit from slightly advanced timing - to make up for lost static compression, the dynamic compression can be raised.  


The kit is available for both the Japanese built SR250s (1980-85) and the Spanish built SR250s (1986-96).  If you are unsure which version you need to buy, watch this explanation and installation video.




SR250 Ignition Advance Brackets

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