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The kit every SR250 owner has been waiting for! Now version 2.0 - updated and improved, including all fastenings and even parts to create a wire harness extension - plug and play and tested and reviewd by our very own customers!

This kit solves the headache of relocating the battery and the electrics to get the infamous 'clean triangle' look - allowing you to remove the stock airbox, battery box and side covers - and even install a pod filter. The specially developed electrics tray bolts straight to the SR250 frame into the three existing fastening points. It can then be used to tidy all the electrics and even attach the regulator rectifier if so desired - making it possible to remove the frame cross bracket where it is usually attached.

The battery tray bolts to the rear of the engine into the existing mounting plate - putting it completely out of site and has the added benefit of creating a lower centre of gravity for the bike - improving handling. The bracket also has a special flange that can be used to mount the starter relay. The tray is designed for either a lithium Antigravity 8 cell battery (or even a 4 cell if needed), a Ballistic Performance 8 cell battery, or a Shorai small case battery (LFX14L2-BS12) - ie. the kit will not work with the stock battery. But in this way, you will achieve a huge weight savings! You will also need to remove the centre stand if you have one - but, this will save you further weight!

Both the electrics and battery tray are made from strong 3mm thick stainless steel plate so will hold up to the elements extremely well. If you want to paint them to fit the look of your bike, any car body or rim paint will work nicely - just make sure the surfaces are clean and free from any oils.

SR250 Frame Triangle Tidy Kit 2.0

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