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You all know what these are!  After long discussions and a lot of pondering, we have now decided to sell the 3D print files for the special side covers we developed for the SR250.  The small fee is just to show a token of appreciation for the hundreds of hours that have gone into development.  We would have loved to have brought these into production but unfortunitely tooling costs were astronomically high and sales volume forecasts very low.  So we're doing this instead.  We hope you like!


These covers can be printed in PLA or ABS and filled with either body filler or spray putty, then top coat can be laid.  But be warned, some paints will eat the plastic and the covers will certainly melt if any post painting heat curing is required - so use a test piece of plastic to test your chosen fillers and paints.  The covers use the stock mount positions on the SR250 frame/battery box/airbox.  A good recomendation to add strength to the mounting bosses is to epoxy in metal suports - sheet metal for the flat mounts and a rod in the middle for the knob mounts.


Just see what they look like when mounted on our black bike and one of our customers golden bikes.  Mint.  Any questions regarding the files just send us a quick mail.  Cheers.

Jadus SR250 Side Covers - 3D Print Files

Excluding Sales Tax
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