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The Jadus SR250 Exhaust Kit comprises of:

- Jadus SR250 Low Slung Header

- Jadus performance foam air filter

- Applicable Mikuni jets for carb adjustment

- Crank case breather filter (compensate for airbox removal)

Read all about this amazing kit on our performance parts page, it is good for a 10% increase in power and torque and a 1000rpm lift in the power band.  This kit will also save at least 2.5kg (when using an appropriate silencer) and it is all bolt on!


Don't miss our special 20 degree exhaust header extension if you want more of a cafe racer vibe!


We decided not to include a silencer in this kit - as many other companies can do this better than we can.  Make sure when purchasing a silencer that it comes with a set of reducer collets to match the 34mm header pipe.  The included carburettor jets in this kit will suit a range of different silencer options - so check our jetting chart for a solid starting point.



Jadus SR250 Exhaust Kit

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