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Finally, a carburettor refurbishment kit for the Yamaha SR250 that has all the hard to find ‘tricky’ bits and bobs.  


These kits are made by Keyster of Japan and are top notch quality - their machining tolerances are exceptional and their measuring equipment extremely accurate, so you can be assured that the orifices of the jets match those of the stock items perfectly and allow the exact same flow rates as Mikuni items.


Best in this kit is the various jet needles - which when choosing the richer of the three needles, picks up the midrange quite nicely.


The kit comes with a bit of a tuning chart and jetting tips and we also offer some jetting tips over on our carb rebuild blog post.  Plus if you feel a bit lost with all the details of the carb, you can watch our rebuild video here.



Yamaha SR250 Carburettor Rebuild Kit

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