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Is the head of your oil filter drain bolt f*cked like the heads of all your other engine bolts on your 30+ year old bike - as pictured in the last image?  Or perhaps you just want to replace your one becuase it looks crappy?


If this is the case, we have just the thing...  This titanium replacment will look super trick on your engine and beleive it or not, weighs half as much as the origninal!  We decided to be good bastards as well and throw in the oring - why not, yours is probably as flat and dead as roadkill and hell, it's just practical to replace it at the same time and stop any chance of tiny pesky leaks.


Of course this bolt also fits the following Yamaha models:


SR250 XT250 TT250 SR500 XT500 TT500 SR400 SRX600 XT600 (some model years)


Yamaha part code:  #90109-06419





Yamaha Oil Filter Drain Bolt

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