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Available for purchase here!


We are very happy to offer these fantastic aftermarket replacement diaphragms for the Yamaha SR250 Mikuni BS34 carburettor.  


If you have any damage whatsoever (even the tiniest of pinholes) in your diaphragm, you are going to have carburettor and engine running problems - the diaphragm can simply not function as it is meant to without a 100% airtight seal.  So it needs replacing!

Instead  of replacing the entire assembly for a bunch of money’s, just replace the rubber diaphragm part itself and save a few bones.  


These work just as good, if not better that the stock item - trust us, we have tested them for hours in our carbs on rolling road dynos and for many more hours out in the real world.


We have created a dedicated installation video for replacing this part, see here.


Please note!  If it has not been clear enough from the description and the photos, this product for sale is the rubber part only!



SR250 Replacement Carb Diaphragm

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