When developing our own silencer, we realised we could design the silencing core in such a way that it could be adjustable and therefor installed on any 17’’/440mm reverse megaphone silencer.  So here you have it! A silencer core that controls sound to a legal level without reducing exhaust gas flow. The adjustable end slides in and out and is locked in place to the correct length with two M6 stainless steel button head bolts.  The adjustable end presses up against the inside of the return on the reverse cone in the silencer housing - holding the core in place when the reverse cone is fastened to the main body.


What is so great about this core?


The core is a straight through, high flow absorptive design - as opposed to many other cores found in reverse cone silencers, there is no restrictor plate - which is a cheap way to reduce noise but also reduces exhaust flow by up to 50%!  What we have done instead is to extend the perforated section - meaning more room for crucial exhaust packing and allowing more sound absorption without impeding flow. Each core is wrapped with a measured amount (by weight) of high temperature glass packing material to ensure consistency and best possible noise reduction.  


This core was designed with service in mind - it is easy to remove and repack, even while on the bike.  The design also allows for both silencer packing techniques - the wrap and roll and the stuff and pack - so you can decide how you want to pack it.  Loose packing = better sound reduction but more frequent repacking intervals (wears out quicker), tight packing = longer lasting packing but less sound reduction.


** 40.00 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

Reverse Megaphone Silencer Core

Excluding Sales Tax
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