After many prototypes, sound tests, fitment tests and production tests, we are finally able to offer our own specially developed exhaust silencer!  The shell takes inspiration from the classic Dunstall reverse megaphone design and has a deep chrome finish, but the internals are where the magic really is. The core is a straight through, high flow absorptive design.  As opposed to many other cores found in these silencers, there is no restrictor plate - which is a cheap way to reduce noise but also reduces exhaust flow by up to 50%. What we have done instead is to extend the perforated section - meaning more room for crucial exhaust packing and allowing more sound absorption without impeding flow.  These cores are so good we even sell them separately for others to install in their already installed silencers - yes, they are adjustable in length!


Each silencer is packed with a measured amount (by weight) of high temperature glass packing to ensure consistency and best possible noise reduction.  This silencer was also designed with service in mind - it is easy to remove and repack, even while on the bike. The design allows for both silencer packing techniques - the wrap and roll and the stuff and pack - so you can decide how you want to pack it.  Loose packing = better sound reduction but more frequent repacking intervals (wears out quicker), tight packing = longer lasting packing but less sound reduction.


This silencer will fit many models of motorcycle - having an opening of 45mm and coming with adaptors down to 35mm.  However it is sound tested specifically with the Yamaha SR250 - and we can guarantee this silencer will pass local sound regulation tests if mounted to your SR250*.  


Included with the silencer is a high quality stainless steel Mikalor clamp, which when tightened up, clamps around the entire circumference of the silencer, rather than just pinching one side.


*Our test methods have used both the Australian and Californian stationary sound tests.  We found that the silencer held noise levels below 84dB at idle, below 90dB at 2000rpm and below 94dB at 4000rpm.  BE WARNED: This is still relatively loud! Do not buy this silencer if you want a quiet motorcycle - buy it if you want a high performance silencer that is slightly quieter than a race bike!  We can only guarantee these noise levels for all model years of the Yamaha SR250.


** 100.00 Euro Inc. 25% European VAT

Reverse Megaphone Exhaust Silencer - 440mm

Excluding Sales Tax
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