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SR250 Seats - A blank canvas from Jadus

We developed the Jadus SR250 Euclid seat to make it easier for garage builders to get a cool looking bike without needing to chop the frame or go to the extreme lengths to form a custom seat pan and foam section. Back when we were building our first SR’s it was one of the hard parts to get right and we think it still is. A stylish looking, well finished seat can make or break a builds looks. Crappy seat = crappy overall appearance of the bike.

​​​​Jadus project bike with poorly made seat (it's a prototype!).

We also know that in some countries the vehicle testing authorities can be very strict with frame modifications - that is why the Jadus seat installs with minor tab trimming to the SR frame. Any other seat on the market will require drastic frame modifications to fit - requiring welding skills and risking the failure of vehicle roadworthy inspection.

Jadus seat installation video - bolt on method.

Once the development of the shape/form of the seat was complete, we had a hard time deciding on different finishes - i.e the cover. We decided to offer the classic, timeless standard black leather (in our case, UV stable and abrasion resistant vinyl). This finish suits any style of bike and looks good with any colour or finish of tank. We are also well aware that this finish is not to the taste of everyone and that many, many people want something more unique and to their own specific tastes. That is why we decided to offer the seat as a raw, blank canvas for a heavily discounted price. We offer the seat both on its own in this form and in our kit. What you get is the specially developed seat base, that fits the SR250 frame exactly, plus the specially developed foam core. Both of these parts have been modelled in 3D software, prototyped and then tooling has been made to form the parts. Yes, custom tooling for the SR! The base of the seat is held to the frame with some aluminium sheet metal brackets, plus some M6 stainless bolts - also included with every seat.

The Jadus Euclid seat in raw, uncovered state - a blank canvas.

Offering the seat in this way also encourages customers to employ local artisans who do brilliant work with their hands and keep money in the community. Support your local businesses! There are also several excellent upholsterers around the globe who have specialised in covering custom motorcycle seats. If you are one of them or know of one, please get in touch with us and we will share details here at the bottom of the post. We will start the list with some that we know of and can vouch for their top notch quality.

Now for a little inspiration! Here are just two examples we had made to show what options you have when covering the Jadus SR250 seat. One in a nice tan brown vinyl with length ways ribs (this is an illusional attempt to visually reduce the length of the seat) and one in black vinyl but with a different pattern - this pattern actually matches up with the SR250s frame rails and ties into the frame design really nicely. It also seems to break up the visual volume of the seat nicely as well. Both of these samples were made by Gabrielle Jones of One Down Four Up.

A couple of fine examples showing what can be done with the blank Euclid seat.

And here are some examples from Jadus customers from around the globe:

Some superb Sr250 seat cover examples. Thanks to our customers for these images!

So what’s your excuse for not installing a custom hand made Jadus seat on your SR?!

Here are some contacts for custom seat covering:

The very talented Gabrielle Jones, co-owner of One Down Four Up in the US. She made us our two samples:

Ginger McCabe over at New Church Moto - also absolutely stunning work and specialist - based in the US as well:

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