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Wiring :)

The part I have been dreading all along… The wiring. Not because I don’t enjoy it, I do. Its like a puzzle to figure out and it is very rewarding when it all works together again. I am no electrics guru, but the wire diagrams just seem to make sense to me and as long as you take the time to follow it, you can usually figure it all out. But that’s the catch, the time. I have been dreading it because it takes so long to get it all sorted! (For me at least). The hardest parts is finding hidden places for everything. There is much more to it than meets the eye. Everything in stock form was placed under the seat, on the battery box, hidden by the side covers. Those items, the starter relay, regulator/rectifier, fuse panel, ignition unit, endless plugs, flasher relays etc etc all need to be placed somewhere. I fabbed up a series of brackets to be able to bolt items to and cable tie wires to etc.

I also wired in a nice Dayton indicator/idiot light display. I usually cut off the stock lighting panel wires and solder them into the units wires – this way when attaching everything, it appears as if the unit has the stock Yamaha wire colours and you know exactly which goes where.

I have slowly accumulated some good tools and equipment over the years and they really help. The best is the ratchet crimpers with proper bullet connectors and shrouds. They hold so well and they are exactly what the OEM wiring harness has – so they must be good. Then of coarse when doing a lot of wiring work, it is well worth it having some automatic wire strippers and a decently powerful soldering iron.

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