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Indicator brackets

To attach the new small indicators, a set of brackets needed to be made. At the front, there is a spare threaded M5 hole on the side of the triple clamps. I believe this is originally used for some reflectors? Anyway, I thought this was a perfect spot to locate the front blinkers. It just required some grinding to privide a smooth, level surface to bolt up to.

No overkill required here with the metal gauge, just some 1.5mm sheet metal will be plenty strong enough and is pretty easy to shape. Some nice black M5 button head screws will eventually be used for mounting them.

For the rear winkers, rather than welding some brackets to the frame, I decided to make some nice thin brackets that mount onto the top shock mounts – I had seen this recently on another build. This puts the winkers in a really nice location as well.

Same process for the front ones – measure, mark, punch, drill, trim, shape, smooth. Then they will be painted black at some point.

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