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Taillight bracket/license plate holder

One of the more tricky parts of this build was always going to be the tail light and license plate bracket. David had in mind a nicely frenched in tail light into the rear fender (remaining piece from the trimmed front fender). Which is a really cool idea and will be a nice detail.

First I made a quick mock up out of sheet metal to see how it could work. Then it was on to making it in 2mm plate.

It was pretty straight forward to cut out the shape with hand tools. The difficulties came when trying to bend it without any bending tools – and the tight flanges.

I used a dolly and hammer in the vice to get the fender curve right. Then the rest was done with a hammer over the edge of the vice and the anvil. I also welded a stud to the fender so I could attach the bracket with screws - rather than welding which would make things too difficult to adjust further down the line.

The ugly bolts/nuts will obviously be replaced, but for a test fitment it looks pretty good. Next will be to make sure the seat base still fits nicely and then I will install some threads in the base for screwing into.

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