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Seat mounting brackets

Today I fitted and welded in place some extra frame brackets. These will be for the fastening points to the seat.

I was unsure which material to use – I wanted it to be strong and fairly wide, but not too thick and heavy. Luckily I found some ‘hat’ section bar that I had lying around from another project. This is the perfect stuff to use – it is the same wall thickness as the frame tube - which makes it very compatible for welding (even heat input) and it is very rigid and strong for screwing the seat down to. So I straightened out a couple of sections and ground them down at each end to fit the frame snugly. This made them pretty straightforward to weld in place. I added a third piece of metal place at the rear center of the frame for mounting the tail light and license place bracket.

Trimming to fit the frame snug.

Tack welded in place.

Final welding.

Grinded off any small high spots - to clear the seat smoothly.

Welding in the final metal plate for the tail light bracket.

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