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Sorting the seat base

Yesterday we received the seat base in the mail from David. He had made a jig and laminated some plywood to match the frames kick/bend. He did a nice job of it.

Unfortunately there is a slight twist that occurred from the lamination process. This will be compensated for by having 4 secure fastening points to the frame to pull it all down evenly.

A rough outline was marked out for the base and cut with a circular saw (should have used a jigsaw but didn’t have one at hand). Then some fine-tuning was done with a sanding wheel. A small amount of wood was removed in two locations on the underside of the seat base – to fit some of the frame details. Now it fits great and sits flush.

I also finally finished the welding on the exhaust header – just patching up the slots on the cones. I always try to get a good strong penetrating weld, but I am also starting to work on making the welds look a bit nicer where I can. Case in point… Getting there ;)

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