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Finalising the header

After deciding on the location for the silencer with David, it was time to fabricate the junction required to bridge the connection between the end of the header collector and silencer. If this exhaust were to be blasted and chromed or black ceramic coated, a much nicer and tidier solution would be found – perhaps a cone would be rolled and welded in place. But this header is going to be blasted, painted with black exhaust header paint, then wrapped in header tape, so these junctions will not be seen and the performance will be just the same. So it was decided to make a rough and ready stepped cone from two different diameter tubes. The ends were flared to match each other, then the edges were prepped for a clean weld. Once together, a test fit was in order. An angled cut on the header face gave the correct angle at the silencer. Still need to fill in the cut slots with weld but the position is perfect. You can see the angles achieved in the last pic.

I use this technique when I am trying to align two angle cuts on a tube – mark with a line and then give the lines a symbol (circle, triangle) so I don’t mess it up when setting up for welding (welded things in the wrong orientation too many times!). Seems to work pretty well!

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