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Product development - what we do

In the ABOUT section on this page we mention that we design all parts ourselves etc. Here is a very quick and small glimpse into what that involves sometimes. Here is some snippets from the development of the SR250 fork brace...

Starting with some rough sketches and the basic questions, how should it look? Should it be a 2-part or 3-part design? Should it have an arch or be flat? What will be the optimal solution for CNC batch production?

After modeling up the first concept in 3D, it was time to see how the form and proportions work in reality. We really wanted a fork brace that can have an integrated front guard if so desired. This prototype showed us that it was far to beefy for the SR forks. A much thinner design would be needed and a much more attractive clamping solution!

So it was back to the drawing board. This time it was about how to make the clamps look attractive, how to get a thin but stable/strong design and how/should we allow for gaiter installation. We even considered designing a laser cut system but it would be too 2-dimensional and unattractive.

We then made a prototype of this new slimmer design. We liked the direction here but made a few more updates before making the final 2D drawings for tolerance and material specification.

Although these days most parts are made from a 3D model, 2D drawings are still extremely important to communicate important tolerances, surface finishes and material specifications.

Some machined prototypes were ordered from our extremely capable and talented suppliers and we could not have been happier with the quality and finish. The fitment was spot on too!

Then it was time to take some studio and context shots of the finished product to illustrate and sell it on our webstore.

We hope you enjoyed this small snippet of what we do. We will add some more projects as time goes by. Cheers from the Jadus team.

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