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Rear frame loop install

Got some time today to measure, cut, lathe (ghetto styles), fit and weld in the rear frame loop on the XS. The lugs that came with the kit were a little too large in diameter so I did the old grinder in the vice, work piece in the drill trick and took down the diameter slightly that way. Once they were fitting, it was time to weld them in place with a hole in the frame and a plug weld. Then both the edges of the frame and the edges of the loop were roughly chamfered for a good penetrating weld. The lugs were also plug welded to the loop with holes. Everything was checked for alignment before final welding. Looked good so went for it! It was a bit difficult to match some of the XS frame brackets to the rear loop, so I did the best I could by filling with weld, rather than fabbing up some botch sheet metal substitute. Came out alright!

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