December 30, 2018

Wheels on a motorcycle are much more important for the overall look than one first imagines.  Many hobby custom builders overlook this important aspect. To draw a quick parallel, think about any car you have ever fallen in love with, or even any car you have modified or worked on yourself - aren’t mag wheels in the style, design and finish you like, one of the first things you notice or buy?  It should be the same with bikes, but unfortunately isn’t.

The infamous Toyota AE86 from Initial D (or Trueno or Sprinter) with different colours and styles of mag wheels - what a difference they can make.

There are two big points I would like to raise when it comes to motorcycle wheels; One, spoked wheels, and two, wheel size.

Spoked wheels?  Yeah, they are, in my very humble opinion, the only opti...

December 7, 2018

We developed the Jadus SR250 Euclid seat to make it easier for garage builders to get a cool looking bike without needing to chop the frame or go to the extreme lengths to form a custom seat pan and foam section.  Back when we were building our first SR’s it was one of the hard parts to get right and we think it still is. A stylish looking, well finished seat can make or break a builds looks. Crappy seat = crappy overall appearance of the bike.

​​​​Jadus project bike with poorly made seat (it's a prototype!).

We also know that in some countries the vehicle testing authorities can be very strict with frame modifications - that is why the Jadus seat installs with minor tab trimming to the SR frame.  Any other seat on the market will require drastic frame modifications to fit - requiring weldin...

November 15, 2018

We thought it was fair to dedicate a blog post to our awesome universal motorcycle mudguards/fenders.  Why? To illustrate the diverse usage possibilities with them that people sometimes oversee. For the price, quality, looks and application possibilities, you cannot get better value for your money - there is nothing else on the market like them.

What is the secret?  We can answer that in several parts...

1.  To achieve our own shape and design that eliminates ribs and rolls on the edges of the guard (which are used for increasing rigidity and stiffness to an otherwise flimsy thin sheet metal part), we invested in our own press tooling - one tool that trims out the guards, then another tool that forms them into shape.  This allowed us to specify a thicker gauge aluminium (because our tooling...

October 7, 2018

Production batch of Jadus SR250 Exhaust Headers - with incorrect surface finish (yes, sent back, a further 3 week wait to re-do them :(  )

Firstly, I will start with an apology; I am sorry we have not been consistent with having parts in stock, I genuinely mean it.  It can be frustrating for a bike builder to be waiting on some key parts to keep the project moving forward and I understand this fully and completely.

I have been working really hard and will continue to do so, to get all parts back in stock as soon as possible.  

There really are no excuses for this, but I can give some kind of insight into the business and offer some kind of explanation.

When I started Jadus, a lot of the parts development and initial production orders were somewhat of a trial, to see how things go and to treat...

May 17, 2018

This post is meant to complement a video we clipped together explaining the function, details, pros and cons, service, maintenance and repair of the SR250 carburettor, which is a Mikuni BS34 CV carb.  Some issues were a little difficult to cover in the video so I hope to capture the remaining ones here.

Manual scans.

I figured it would be a good resource to all to have access to the chapter in the workshop manual about the carb.  So here you go! (open in a new tab or download).

Stubborn screws and jets.

If there is one thing you should do before working on a carb, it is to get the right tools.  More accurately put, get the right screwdriver or bit for your driver that matches the screw (or jet) head perfectly. Do not use some shitty old crappy tool or one that is too small or too large, you wi...

August 17, 2017

The left fork on our SR250 Classic test mule had been leaking since we purchased it and it was just getting worse and worse.  It started spewing out fork oil all over the fork brace and even down the leg and onto the brake - making it dangerous.  Even the right leg was leaking a little.  So it was time to replace the seals and fill up with some fresh fork oil as well.  Little did I know, this would be a nightmare to do!  I'll sum up the process below.

Leaky forks, easy enough to get off the bike.

 Leaky SR250 Classic fork seals.

First step was to remove the forks from the bike obviously!  This means removing the wheel and brake set up.  But here is an important tip before loosening the triple clamp bolts...  At this point, try to loosen the damper rod bolt at the base...

June 6, 2017

The development of the special side covers on the Jadus promotional bike was an awesome project within the build project itself, and it easily took the longest time and caused the most head scratching of all the parts.

The motivation and inspiration came from the desire to 'design' a bike rather than 'build' one - making the bike look a little more complete and closer to factory made, but at the same time, obviously aftermarket and tweaked.  This meant steering away from from the cliche clean triangle look that is so sought after.  Not that I don't like that style, I do, but I wanted to challenge myself with a design project and test if it was possible to make a cool looking custom with side covers.  My suspicions were already pointing to yes, based on some inspiration from this awesome SR4...

February 28, 2017

I went to a motorcycle show on the weekend and was disappointed.  Not because of the lack of cool stuff on display, but because there was nothing new that hadn't already been thrashed on bike blogs or youtube.  These days by the time you see any product in the flesh, there are no surprises - the marketing teams have already made your ears and eyes bleed with promo shit (Apple being the exception, but that’s another kettle of fish).  I’ll summarise my impressions with regards to the different marques.  

Right now, I get the distinct feeling that Ducati and Yamaha are absolutely killing it and the other brands are getting left behind.  Why?  Depth of offerings.  Yes Ducati is a luxury brand and Yamaha is perhaps more attainable for the masses, but they both have some super cool...

February 6, 2017

I have been pondering this post for a while now, almost the whole winter in fact.  That is one thing winter in Sweden is good for. Procrastinating.

Somewhat of a non-motorcycle related post, I will tie it in like this:  The Jadus promotional bike has been in roughly the same state of completion for almost two months now - see below.  Why such slow progress when so close to the end?  Well my friends, that I put down to the Swedish winter blues, the darkness ‘deppies’, the motivation pit, the energy sucker, the life drainer - just a few other ways to express the drabness that is the never ending, grey, cold but not cold enough to be interesting, wet, dark (oh-so-fucking dark), miserable Swedish winter.

You’ve seen those memes with the text ‘why do I live somewhere where the cold make...

September 28, 2016

Would you like to own a highly unique and personalised custom Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Street Tracker or Brat Bike?

Right now Jadus has one open spot for the winter season to build you your very own dream bike, in time for riding next spring!

Jadus is an aftermarket motorcycle parts company that designs and produces specialised parts for specific motorcycle models - the Yamaha SR250 and the Yamaha Virago XV535.  So the project bike will be based on one of these models, non-negotiable, however you will decide what style of bike it will be, specify the parts, the finishes and the colours - working together as a team with the company founder Jake Snowdon to bring forth your vision.  If you would like to learn more about Jake, you can read here.

Jake sitting on a SR250 cafe racer project:


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