Spoked Motorcycle Wheels - The Best Motorcycle Wheels

Wheels on a motorcycle are much more important for the overall look than one first imagines. Many hobby custom builders overlook this important aspect. To draw a quick parallel, think about any car you have ever fallen in love with, or even any car you have modified or worked on yourself - aren’t mag wheels in the style, design and finish you like, one of the first things you notice or buy? It should be the same with bikes, but unfortunately isn’t. The infamous Toyota AE86 from Initial D (or Trueno or Sprinter) with different colours and styles of mag wheels - what a difference they can make. There are two big points I would like to raise when it comes to motorcycle wheels; One, spoked whe

SR250 Seats - A blank canvas from Jadus

We developed the Jadus SR250 Euclid seat to make it easier for garage builders to get a cool looking bike without needing to chop the frame or go to the extreme lengths to form a custom seat pan and foam section. Back when we were building our first SR’s it was one of the hard parts to get right and we think it still is. A stylish looking, well finished seat can make or break a builds looks. Crappy seat = crappy overall appearance of the bike. ​​​​Jadus project bike with poorly made seat (it's a prototype!). We also know that in some countries the vehicle testing authorities can be very strict with frame modifications - that is why the Jadus seat installs with minor tab trimming to the SR f

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