2017 Copenhagen motorcycle show impressions

I went to a motorcycle show on the weekend and was disappointed. Not because of the lack of cool stuff on display, but because there was nothing new that hadn't already been thrashed on bike blogs or youtube. These days by the time you see any product in the flesh, there are no surprises - the marketing teams have already made your ears and eyes bleed with promo shit (Apple being the exception, but that’s another kettle of fish). I’ll summarise my impressions with regards to the different marques. Right now, I get the distinct feeling that Ducati and Yamaha are absolutely killing it and the other brands are getting left behind. Why? Depth of offerings. Yes Ducati is a luxury brand and

Swedish Winter Survival Tips

I have been pondering this post for a while now, almost the whole winter in fact. That is one thing winter in Sweden is good for. Procrastinating. Somewhat of a non-motorcycle related post, I will tie it in like this: The Jadus promotional bike has been in roughly the same state of completion for almost two months now - see below. Why such slow progress when so close to the end? Well my friends, that I put down to the Swedish winter blues, the darkness ‘deppies’, the motivation pit, the energy sucker, the life drainer - just a few other ways to express the drabness that is the never ending, grey, cold but not cold enough to be interesting, wet, dark (oh-so-fucking dark), miserable Swedis

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