Jadus custom build. Your next bike?

Would you like to own a highly unique and personalised custom Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Street Tracker or Brat Bike? Right now Jadus has one open spot for the winter season to build you your very own dream bike, in time for riding next spring! Jadus is an aftermarket motorcycle parts company that designs and produces specialised parts for specific motorcycle models - the Yamaha SR250 and the Yamaha Virago XV535. So the project bike will be based on one of these models, non-negotiable, however you will decide what style of bike it will be, specify the parts, the finishes and the colours - working together as a team with the company founder Jake Snowdon to bring forth your vision. If you would

XS750 Carb Repair - broken air/fuel/pilot/mix screw tips

For the past few weeks I have been battling with the carbs on the XS750 that was built last year. They just haven't been running right and it was time for an inspection. I thought I would share my experience because I think it might be valuable to others who may encounter the same issues. The bike got a free-er flowing exhaust and pod filters installed, therefore requiring a carb retune, or at least a check anyway. When everything was put on the bike it actually started pretty easy. So I warmed it up and did a carb sync - nothing seems to mess up any idea of where your jetting is at than if the carbs are out of sync. But the bike still wouldn't idle right. I wondered if the fact that t

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