Ignition relocation

I was starting to prepare things for painting the rear of the frame when I decided to double check if anything else needed to be welded up. The ignition! To mount the ignition back up near its original place with the clocks would be a shame – it would ruin the new clean look. Instead, the ignition switch will be placed just under the right side of the rear of the tank – in the corner of the frame triangle. It looks like it would be in the way of your legs when riding it, but its not even close. I will fab up a bracket and weld it in place on the inside of the frame – so the welds are not visible. I will also try to weld here as little as possible (using as little heat as possible) – I

Tachometer drive plug

For this build there will be no tachometer. We therefore need to blank off the mechanical tachometer drive hole in the head. I designed a special plug that fits the hole and uses the same o-ring as the stock insert. This plug is then clamped in place with the stock bracket and an M6 bolt. Shown below is the original set up plus a couple of plastic prototypes I printed and then the real prototype turned up in aluminium. Then a shot of it in context :)

No excuses

Today we received some parts for the XS project. Some lock washers to be able to mount the disc brakes to the wheels – so we can assemble them and put them back on the bike. Plus a really nice idiot light array and a small case gel battery pack. Now there are no excuses, we can finish the wiring harness!

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