XS750 Exhaust repair

After contacting and speaking to a couple of motorcycle exhaust parts suppliers, I discovered that these rusted out, broken flanges are hard to come by. No body knew were I could get hold of some kind of weld in repair kit or anything. So the conclusion was that I would have to make something up myself. To my horror, on close inspection, it turns out the previous owner had already discovered the same problem and had done a bodge repair - trying to fill the cracks with bird poo style MIG welding, then ground it back. This leaves poor penetration and a messy repair. I decided to cut the rusted out flange clean off and try to weld on a ring. Hopefully, with decent penetration it should be

Motorcycle Music - Know Your Engine Sounds

For me, there’s nothing quite like the sound of a motorcycle with a good set of pipes, pulling through the gears, charging through some twisties or doing a nice flyby. It’s like music to my ears. Some days, when I have been most obsessed, I have found a good youtube clip of someone riding their bike and played it on my iphone, just listening to it on the way to work! About a year ago I stumbled upon a great article titled ‘Top Ten Best Sounding Motorcycle Engines’ by Motorcycle.com (http://www.motorcycle.com/how-to/top-ten-best-sounding-motorcycle-engines-91156.html). It included a brief introduction to each engine/motorcycle and then had a sound clip of it. I got my girlfriend to test m

Product development - what we do

In the ABOUT section on this page we mention that we design all parts ourselves etc. Here is a very quick and small glimpse into what that involves sometimes. Here is some snippets from the development of the SR250 fork brace... Starting with some rough sketches and the basic questions, how should it look? Should it be a 2-part or 3-part design? Should it have an arch or be flat? What will be the optimal solution for CNC batch production? After modeling up the first concept in 3D, it was time to see how the form and proportions work in reality. We really wanted a fork brace that can have an integrated front guard if so desired. This prototype showed us that it was far to beefy for the

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