To do...

Really procrastinating with the wire harness tidy up. It looks to me like there is room under the tank for a lot of this stuff and it shouldn’t get too affected by the heat - flasher relays, fuse boxes etc. But the electronic ignition I think will have to go under the seat - might be a bit more sensitive to heat. But look at this mess! I also need to repair the exhaust. It’s all rusted out at the flanges and has a huge split where it joins the silencer. It would be great to get a new header but they are damn pricey. So a repair job it will be - just gotta find some kind of repair kit or something (for those flanges) to weld in.

Rear frame loop install

Got some time today to measure, cut, lathe (ghetto styles), fit and weld in the rear frame loop on the XS. The lugs that came with the kit were a little too large in diameter so I did the old grinder in the vice, work piece in the drill trick and took down the diameter slightly that way. Once they were fitting, it was time to weld them in place with a hole in the frame and a plug weld. Then both the edges of the frame and the edges of the loop were roughly chamfered for a good penetrating weld. The lugs were also plug welded to the loop with holes. Everything was checked for alignment before final welding. Looked good so went for it! It was a bit difficult to match some of the XS fram

Side covers take 2

This is the second attempt I have made at designing some nice side covers for the SR. They fit snug against the frame and are not too dominating. Much better improvement on the last ones. Also some final tweaks to the exhaust angles before taking orders.

1983 Yamaha SR250 Build

This is THE Jadus bike. Even though we have not posted any blog entries about it previously, things have been happening with the project in the background. And if you want to see what has been done so far, you can jump over to the build thread on Do The Ton: This bike is the basis for all of the first production runs of parts in the online store. All the parts have been tested and prototyped on this bike. We will continue with the build updates for this bike both here on the Jadus blog and on the DTT forum build thread.

Cut them tabs!

Cut all of the unnecessary tabs off today. Adds up! Will be a really nice and tidy tail section once the loop is welded in and I figure out where to locate all the electronics :)

Strip and document

Today I stripped out the air box, battery tray and all of the electrical components - taking many photos along the way to document where/how things should be mounted/connected again. Bike is already starting to look tough! #xs750 #seatdesign

Powder coating cabinet

Managed to track down this nice, deep filing cabinet from a second hand furntiure store. I will kit it out with some insulation and heating elements from an old oven. Then I should be able to powdercoat entire frames, swing arms, rims, bike frames etc etc

Wiring study

Looks like the previous owner installed one of the electronic ignitions - which is a good thing! Just need to find the wiring diagram for it somewhere online so I can be sure I connect everything correctly again when I start relocating many of the electrical components.

Frame cut and ride height check

​ Cut the frame so I can start planning the rear end of the bike. Also took off the shocks and mounted on an aluminium tube with holes drilled at different heights - to find a nice looking line and practical ride height/tyre to seat clearance. I think we'll be ordering some 365mm shocks.

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