Retro bike

Put this thing together for myself today! Can hardly get my leg over the saddle, so I mount it over the bars instead :)

Headlight/Speedo clash

David wanted to ditch the entire cockpit, bar the original speedo - which is actually really cool - I am massively on board with this. However I felt the choice of headlight sort of clashed with it due to its size - they are just too similar in size to make any kind of visual hierarchy at the front of the bike. Might be necessary to make a quick bracket and mock it up for real before the final decision is made.

First parts arrive

​ David has been busy ordering parts from accross the globe. Some coming from Wrenchmonkees in Copenhagen and others from Dime City Cycles in the US.


Turns out that it would be impossible to make a decent looking seat/tail unit with the existing frame... In my opinion, a seat shouldn't be longer than 600mm and this just looks too big. Time to chop the frame :)

The Jadus workshop gets its first customer build!

The first customer build will be David's 1977 Yamaha XS750. David has a very clear picture in his head of what he wants - taking a lot of influence and inspiration from Dutchman Jules Brans' XS featured on BikeExif in November last year. So the Jadus workshop will be carrying out the build to his specifications - all original design/styling credit to Jules.

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